MorningStar Farms Popcorn Chik’N Veggitizers review

MorningStar Farms Popcorn Chik'N Veggitzers

June 2020 update

MorningStar Farms has rebranded and repackaged these as “Veggitizers. I don’t believe anything else has change, so our original review below stands.

Original review

MorningStar Farms Popcorn Chik'N
MorningStar Farms Popcorn Chik’N

I can’t say that I’ve been blown away by MorningStar Farms of late. Their reformulation of many classic products such as the Grillers range of burgers has been subpar. Once a favorite in our house for years – we no longer buy the product at all. The entirely new vegan burgers are thoroughly terrible as far as I’m concerned.

These small popcorn bites though surprisingly impressed me. The taste, the texture, the versatility – it’s the MorningStar of old!

We enjoy these just as simple snacks sometimes, perfect with a couple of your favorite dipping sauces. My advice – cook these up in the air fryer, it takes just five minutes and yields a really crisp shell.

Air fried MorningStar Farms Popcorn Chik'N
Air fried MorningStar Farms Popcorn Chik’N

Here’s a look at the interior of the Chick’n nugget, there’s a good fibrous texture that stays quite soft, even as the exterior crisps up.

MorningStar Farms Popcorn Chik'N interior
MorningStar Farms Popcorn Chik’N interior
MorningStar Farms Popcorn Chik'N and Thai yellow curry
MorningStar Farms Popcorn Chik’N and Thai yellow curry
Thai Yellow curry with cous cous and MorningStar Farms Popcorn Chikn
Thai Yellow curry with cous cous and MorningStar Farms Popcorn Chikn

If you’re looking to indulge your inner kid (or your real kid for that matter) with a quick and healthy comfort food meal – what about chicken and fries done vegan style! This is a popular one in our house, and when plated for the adults we usually make up a little sriracha mayo (just mix it at about 4:1 mayo/sriracha).

MorningStar Farms Popcorn Chik'N with sweet potatoes and sriracha mayo
MorningStar Farms Popcorn Chik’N with sweet potatoes and sriracha mayo

These nuggets retail for about $3.60 or so at our local Walmart. That’s not too bad, but I’m not sure I’d go much further past the four dollar mark. There’s about two decent servings inside each bag if you use them in a full meal.

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MorningStar Farms Popcorn Chik'N packaging
MorningStar Farms Popcorn Chik’N packaging

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  • Overall

Are MorningStar Farms Popcorn Chik'N any good?

These are a very solid product and one that we’re sure you’ll wolf down in just a couple of sittings. The breading is particularly crunchy if air fried. A very fun snack of protein choice for vegans.

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