Thai jungle curry with rice noodles

Thai jungle curry? I’m not sure if that’s a real name of not. It’s the name one of my cook books gives to this simple recipe that use’s Thai red curry paste though.

Essentially you story fry a couple tablespoons of red curry paste (one for mild, three for extra spicy) along with a couple gloves crushed garlic in a decent amount of oil. Once the garlic is softened and the paste diffused into the oil you cook your veggies and proteins in the seasoned oil. Really anything goes.

Towards the end of cooking add in three tablespoons fish sauce, one of soy and one of oyster sauce. Add a cup of water, a teaspoon of sugar and a TON of fresh basil leaves. Cook a while longer to desired thickness (don’t cook the basil too long) and you have a fiery dish that’ll put a smile on your face every time.

We served with some Chinese lo mein noodles from Kroger as well as some crushed cashew nuts for texture. For protein I air fried some MorningStar popcorn nuggets, adding them to the sauce just for 30 seconds before service to coat.

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