Where are the best places to buy food online

You might be surprised by the vast selection of food you can buy online these days. Once upon a time you could only buy canned and boxed goods, but these days – anything is possible. Top quality meat and seafood, the best vegan products or even fresh bread, delivered nationwide to your door. Here are some of companies that we know that deliver direct to consumers.

Meat and seafood

Sitka Salmon – Sustainable and top quality Alaskan seafood to your door when in season. Use our code GSLC for $25 off, we get a referral fee too.

Vegan and plant based

GTFO It’s Vegan – An online one stop shop for all your plant-based needs. GTFO ships their product frozen direct and charges a reasonable shipping fee. Minimum order is $40.

Impossible Foods – If you can’t find Impossible Food products in your local grocery store, don’t worry, they ship direct. Impossible offer a number of options and shipping is free.

Global flavors

Viida – This online store ships authentic Latin cuisine direct – everything from arepas to empanadas through to tequenos.

Sweet Treats

Sweet Snacking – This is direct to consumer service offered by Bimbo Bakeries (Sara Lee, Orowheat, Taki’s, Entenmanns). The brand new for 2021 service offers a number of curated treat packs.

Spices / Sauces / Condiments

The Spice House – This Chicago based company ships nationwide and we use them ALL the time. You need to spend about $50 for free shipping, but if you do, you’ll find the price per spice is cheaper than your local stores; and most importantly, the quality its off the scale.

Z’s Hot Sauce – For those who like some kick, check out this craft-hot sauce maker out of Utah. Their sauces are some of the best we’ve ever tried in the states, and they ship nationwide.