Incogmeato Chik’N Tenders review

Quick review: These are essentially an identical product to the Incogmeato nuggets. That’s no bad thing, these are some of the very best plant based chicken nuggets I’ve tasted. Here MorningStar Farms have simply changed the size and shape best I can tell. Want something bigger than a nugget? Well, here’s a tender.

Incogmeato Chik'N Tenders review buffalo salad
Incogmeato Chik’N Tenders review buffalo salad
Incogmeato Chik'N Tenders nutrition and cooking
Incogmeato Chik’N Tenders nutrition and cooking
  • Are Incogmeato Chik'N Tenders any good?

Are Incogmeato Chik'N Tenders good?

Yes! This and the matching nuggets from the Incogmeato line are some of the best plant-based chicken items you can buy.

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