Sweet potato fry nachos

Sweet potato fries with MorningStar Farms crumblers

The crinkle cut fries from Alexia are the basis for this meat free comfort food dish. After cooking the fries to a crisp finish (an air fryer works best) its time to load them up. Pictured here the monster pile of calories starts with some melted cheddar and Mexican cheeses.

From there a hearty helping of black beans, simmered with garlic powder, onion powder, coriander powder, smoked paprika and a dash of apple cider vinegar. Next some MorningStar Farms Crumblers cooked in McCormick taco seasoning. The crowning element is freshly made guacamole. The rich creamy finish brings everything together here.

On the side I also have some hot sauce from a local company, then a mix of that sauce with equal parts mayo/sour cream and lime juice for a cooling alternative.

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