Jamaican jerk cod with cous cous

Armed with some pristine cod from Sitka Salmon (see below for coupon code) I decided to use some jerk seasoning I had laying around my spice cupboard (side note: The Spice House in Chicago is amazing, affiliate link we get a referral fee). The cod takes barely 5-10 minutes at high heat in the pan with a little oil. The jerk seasoning helps add a little blackness too.

Rounding out the dish is a saute of bell peppers and garlic for sweetness, roasted jalapeño and a side dish of Haitian style slaw (raw, thinly sliced cabbage in a zesty and spicy dressing). I used a local hot sauce company and their ‘Carolina style’ BBQ sauce, essentially a lot of habanero flavor and acidity.

To balance all that spice I used some ultra cream Lebanese cous cous. Absolutely not traditional but hey, the buttery smooth cous cous and the spicy jerk/jalapeno/jabanero work really well together. The cous cous comes from Zursuan Beans out of Idaho. I bought some online here.

Deal: use code GSLC over on Sitka site for $25 off a premium seafood share. We get a referral fee too 🙂

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