Trader Joe’s Kibbeh review

Kibbeh are a staple in Middle Eastern cuisine – essentially formed balls of meat, veggies and spice. You’ll find these in the freezer section of Trader Joe’s, amidst other International flavors.

Cooking: The Kibbeh are fairly dense frozen lumps, so take a moment to cook up. I tried them in the air fryer but they essentially took as long as in the oven – which is about 15-20 minutes. The packaging also suggests boiling them, which seemed odd to me, I didn’t try this.

Taste and texture: Quite enjoyable. The Kibbeh have a crisp shell and a surprisingly moist interior given the ingredient list. There’s a moderate beefy profile with lots of warm spices at work around the edges. The overall soft texture is punctuated by pockets of crunch from the cracked bulgur wheat. It’s a nice contrast.

Verdict: I’d happily order these again, though I’d want to have a precise dish in mind to serve them alongside. The flavor profile is very specific which means they aren’t a jack of all trades kinda frozen food.

Trader Joe's Kibbeh frozen
Trader Joe’s Kibbeh frozen
Air fried Trader Joe's Kibbeh
Air fried Trader Joe’s Kibbeh

Trader Joe’s Kibbeh nutrition and cooking

Trader Joe's Kibbeh nutrition and cooking
Trader Joe’s Kibbeh nutrition and cooking
  • Overall

Are Trader Joe's Kibbeh any good?

These are a decent rendition of the Middle Eastern classic. You’re local Middle Eastern restaurant undoubtedly does a better version of these, but they’re not at all bad in a pinch.

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