Best Meat Free Chicken Products

The best plant based chicken nugget

MorningStar Farms Incogmeato Chik'N Nuggets
MorningStar Farms Incogmeato Chik’N Nuggets

If you’re looking for an impeccable Chik’N Nugget look no further than the Incogmeato brand, new for 2020 from MorningStar Farms. The crunchy texture is perfect for dunking in your sauce of choice, while the interior texture has a pleasing chew too. Read our full review.

The best meat free chicken bite

MorningStar Farms Popcorn Chik'N
MorningStar Farms Popcorn Chik’N

Looking for a take on popcorn chicken? MorningStar Farms really surprised us with this one. When using an air fryer these can make terrifically crisp single bites. Read more.

The best veggie chicken burger

Sprouts Spicy Chicken Veggie Burgers
Sprouts Spicy Chicken Veggie Burgers

A hidden gem for sure. Check out your local Sprouts Market for this most excellent chicken burger. There’s no real spice mind you the flavor here is more savory rosemary. More info.

The best chicken free tender

Gardein Seven Grain Crispy Tenders
Gardein Seven Grain Crispy Tenders

Gardein’s seven grain tender wins this category for us. Cooked correctly (see air fried) the exterior can develop a great crisp, giving way to enjoyable chewy meat. Read more.