Three meat chilli with tater tots

Kroger Tater Bites with three meat chilli

Admiteddly this one relies having some chili in the freezer. Pro tip: make chili often, make it in big batches and always have some in the freezer. It’s one of THE perfect freezer foods – it defrosts and reheats easily, it loses nothing flavor wise, and it can be used as a game changer on everything rom burgers to hot dogs.

Or here, if you’re being a little greedy pig like moi, just throw in a bunch of leftovers…

After defrosting some handy homemade chili I went ahead and threw in some leftover grilled chicken and a few slices of Steak-umm for added beefiness. For added calories I served this monster stew over Kroger Tater Bites with a ketchup/mayo/sriracha sauce.

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