Gorton’s Fish Sandwich reviewed

Eight frozen squares of panko breaded and frozen pollock come to this package. The right yellow bag is also resealable which is always appreciated.

Cooking: The packaging instructs you to only bake these. I reached for my trusty air fryer for the results you see below. That’s always superior to the oven.

Taste and texture: The batter comes out plenty crisp, but it quickly becomes apparent the fish/batter ratio skews toward the latter. That may be a good thing in your book. Like many products in this class there exists a mushy/slimy layer between fish and breading. The fish flavor, what there is, is largely lost to the heavy breading.

Overall: It’s not awful, there are much worse products out there for sure. At a push I’d rate this as mediocre. Layered up with some sandwich fixings, the flaws become less apparent.

What else is out there: The Alaskan Pollock fish sticks from Trident beat all contenders as far as I am concerned. There’s a notably better fish to ratio, as well as a better quality fish and no mushiness.

Gorton's Fish Sandwich cooked
Gorton’s Fish Sandwich cooked
Gorton's Fish Sandwich cooked interior
Gorton’s Fish Sandwich cooked interior
Gorton's Fish Sandwich cooked exterior
Gorton’s Fish Sandwich cooked exterior
Gorton's Fish Sandwich cooked close up
Gorton’s Fish Sandwich cooked close up
Fish and chips with Bird Brain Fury Hot Sauce peri PEri
Gorton’s Fish and chips with Bird Brain Fury Hot Sauce peri PEri

Gorton’s Fish Sandwich cooking and nutrition

Gorton's Fish Sandwich cooking and nutrition
Gorton’s Fish Sandwich cooking and nutrition
  • Overall

Are Gorton's Fish Sandwich any good?

This is a somewhat average product marred by minimal fish and mushiness. It’s not terrible, but the breading is the most assertive flavor here.

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