Indian styled fish, chips and peas

Love fish and chips? What about fish and chips brought to life with the flavors or India! This dish is a fun twist on the UK classic. I started by pan frying some cod from Sitka. I seasoned the cooking oil with a little fenugreek and curry leaf.

For the “chips” I made some pan fried potatoes. Peel and dice, soak in water for an hour to remove the starch then pat dry. Fry in a liberal amount of oil for about 30-45 minutes. They develop a lovely outer crisp. I seasoned with a chopped jalapeño, cumin seeds and a good amount of turmeric.

I used just a dash of lemon and garam masala in the mushy peas to align them more closely with the overall flavors; finally I spiked the ketchup with some curry powder too.

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