Sablefish with cous cous and chickpeas

Sablefish is so often featured with Japanese flavors, Iw anted to try something different here. I cooked the fish (aka black cod) until the skin came away then cleaned the pan. At this point the fish is almost cooked through. I added plenty of butter, olive oil, rind of half a lemon, 1/4 lemon juiced, parsley, garlic and a little red chilli flake to the pan creating a rich sauce. I fish simmered in this sauce with the pan lid on until done.

I served it up with some cous cous cooked simply with a little stock and olive oil plus some chickpeas with ras el hanout and a little garlic. To stop things getting too dry I made a quick aioli with mayo, olive oil, the other half of the lemons rind, another quarter of the lemon juiced plus a little salt and pepper.

The whole thing was a lovely Mediterranean meets Middle Eastern kind dish.

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