Enchiladas with Rosarita red sauce and MorningStar Farms Crumblers

Enchiladas with rosarita sauce and fresh gourmet crisp jalapenos

This vegan friendly recipe will be a big fan of the meat eaters in your house. I guarantee it. It’s also made with off the shelf ingredients, and can be ready in 15-20 minutes top. One or two enchiladas should be enough for most, you’ll see three above, because we’re pigs 🙂

You will need:

All the ingredients here are ultra common, which is why we like this. All you need to do is cook up the MorningStar Farms crumblers in the taco seasoning while heating the enchilada sauce on the side. The crumblers will take 5-10 minutes, that’s all you need for this dish.

To serve, fill tortillas with crumblers fillings, wrap into enchilada shaped rolls, coat with red sauce, and top with preferred toppings. You can heat the tortilla in the microwave for 5 seconds before you start too, if you want to get fancy.

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