Field Roast Plant-Based Nuggets review

When I come across them – I find Field Roast a routinely reliable brand that make a variety of solid plant-based products. Their corn dogs and burgers remain two of my favorites in the meat free space. ABout twelve nuggets come in the resealable freezer packet.

Cooking: You can bake these, or oddly enough pan fry them. Field Roast don’t recommend microwaving these. I went ahead and air fried them with great success.

Taste and texture: These are big round, disc shaped nuggets, notably a smidge larger than many of their peers. The breading comes out enjoyably crisp with plenty of crunch. On the inside the texture is medium-soft but not mushy. There’s no overt flavor as such, they’re very modestly seasoned making them a great addition to a range of dishes.

Verdict: A good meat free nugget. I personally find Field Roast products a little hard to get a hold of, not to mention they usually retail for more than other meat free products. This keeps them in the good – not great bracket for now.

Field Roast Plant-Based Nuggets nutrition and cooking

  • Overall

Are Field Roast Plant-Based Nuggets good?

These are an enjoyable meat free nugget with a crisp exterior and soft interior. They don’t carry a particularly strong flavor as such.

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