Dr Praeger’s Perfect Burger reviewed

It’s been a good three years since I’ve picked up a burger product from Dr Praeger’s. The last I sampled, the California Veggie Burger, really wasn’t my cup of tea. In fairness that particular product was aimed more at those with restricted diets. This burger however leans into the modern pea-protein world of plant-based foods. It also comes with a fairly massive claim. Perfect Burger huh? Lets see.

Cooking: Pan fry, grill, bake, I even air fried one. Given the patties firm texture (see below) I’d be happy to throw one of these on the Summer BBQ, they’d hold up very well. No risk of falling part. I should note the product recommends cooking a great deal longer than competing brands, albeit that’s from them coming frozen.

Taste and texture: Very good. These are strikingly reminiscent of an earlier Beyond Burger – before they started studding the patties with little nuggets of fat. The tear and chew of the meat, the unmistakable pea protein flavors, its all here. The mouthfeel is great. Top these with your favorite burger fixings and you’re in for a treat.

Overall: I was pleasantly surprised by this burger, it exceeded my expectations greatly. I’d happily order them again in fact. The cooking time is a little longer than perfectly convenient – but you could just throw them in the microwave first to defrost then cook. The neutron is definitely worth a second glance too – these are somewhat healthier than similar products competing in this space. These stack up handsomely in our overall list of the best plant-based burgers.

Dr Praeger's Perfect Burger frozen
Dr Praeger’s Perfect Burger frozen
Dr Praeger's Perfect Burger cooked pan fried
Dr Praeger’s Perfect Burger cooked pan fried
Dr Praeger's Perfect Burger cooked side view
Dr Praeger’s Perfect Burger cooked side view
Dr Praeger's Perfect Burger cooked interior
Dr Praeger’s Perfect Burger cooked interior
Dr Praeger's Perfect Burger cooked interior close up
Dr Praeger’s Perfect Burger cooked interior close up

Dr Praeger’s Perfect Burger nutrition and cooking

Dr Praeger's Perfect Burger cooking nutrition
Dr Praeger’s Perfect Burger cooking nutrition
  • Overall

Are Dr Praeger’s Perfect Burgers any good?

Given the hyperbole of the name – these are surprisingly good. Based off a pea protein base, they’re reminiscent of an early Beyond Burger from a couple years back.

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1 thought on “Dr Praeger’s Perfect Burger reviewed”

  1. WARNING! Do not buy the drive-thru burger It is a thinner and nasty version of the Perfect burger, which is in my opinion a perfect Veggie burger.
    When they cut the Perfect Burger in half the moisture disappeared leaving a dried up gnarly pattie, which is, yes, reminiscent of a nasty drive-thru burger joint.


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