Review: Chaparro’s Chicken Tamales

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Are Chaparro's Chicken Tamales any good?

Yes, these are a very solid tamale that are made quite accessible being frozen. They can be cooked up in just a couple of minutes and make for a fun snack our centerpiece to meal. Just watch the calories and saturated fat.

You can read my past thoughts on Chapparo’s range of frozen tamale products here and here. The quick headline is: this Utah based tamale maker, creates some fabulous products.

Five come per package and each is wrapped in it’s own plastic wrap inside the main box. Indeed, once you get these home you can simply throw away the outer box and store these in the freezer individually however you like to save some space. From there, it takes just two minutes in the microwave to go from frozen to piping hot tamale.

This version of the product features shredded chicken in a mildly spice red chili sauce. It has just enough spice and bite to punch through the rich masa casing.

Chaparro's Chicken Tamales cooked unwrapped
Chaparro’s Chicken Tamales cooked unwrapped
Chaparro's Chicken Tamales interior cooked
Chaparro’s Chicken Tamales interior cooked

Like the pork and beef counterparts they’re fabulous little snacks. I often find myself microwaving one up when I’m in need of a hearty start to the day.

Another option, as you can see below here, is to use them as a centerpiece for a larger dinner. In this meal I’ve used both Hatch green enchilada sauce and Roasarita red enchilada sauce with a side of Ore Ida fries and a topping of pepitas.

The only caveat to this product is the nutrition (see below). With a whopping 11g of saturated fat you can eat two and be healthy past your daily intake of fat – and trust me – its easy to inhale two of these at once!

Chaparro's Chicken Tamales with enchilada sauce and Ore Ida fries
Chaparro’s Chicken Tamales with enchilada sauce and Ore Ida fries

Chaparro’s Chicken Tamales cooking instructions, nutrition

Chaparro's Chicken Tamales cooking instructions, nutrition
Chaparro’s Chicken Tamales cooking instructions, nutrition
Chaparro's Chicken Tamales packaging side
Chaparro’s Chicken Tamales packaging side

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8 thoughts on “Review: Chaparro’s Chicken Tamales”

  1. Well to day was the first time I was left in awww . I have all way’s told every one store bought tamales ohh no no bueno not good as home made . But to day as my wife and I were shopping at wal mart and saw charrparos tamales hum we said looks ok hum well let’s try this kind so we did toke them home and cook them ohhh my gosh they were to brag about geeeee . I have made a living sale ing tamales and burritos for a living . well bottom line they are good 99% as good as mine I am retired now but I do sale to some of my fav persons here and their time to time keep up the good cooking in all you guys do ur Friend Mario Martinez

  2. Born in New Mexico, Lived in Utah, living in South Texas and a lover of good tamales. I was totally surprised to find them at out local walmart. A great frozen product for those days I crave some tamales for breakfast or anytime. No heavy feeling after eating a tamale or two. Fresh made taste when done after steaming them.

  3. These are the BEST ever! the only place I can find is Dove Creek, Co.
    I live in Moab, Ut. is it possible you sell these at City Market in Moab? or can sell them there? We have to drive to Dove Creek Co to buy and it is l l/2 hours one way!

    thanks…love these things (beef is what we are able to buy in Dove Cr. Co.
    Are your chicken made with white meat only? I do not eat dark meat


  4. Best ever and at 85, I’ve tried a bunch in my time. I don’t like the dried out masa that come with most tamales. I do miss a black olive though.



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