Review: Chapparo’s Pork Tamales

Chapparos Pork Tamales package
Chapparo’s Pork Tamales package

Are Chapparo's Pork Tamales any good?

Yes! These are great tamales when you need a quick meal solution or a fast snack. Cooking up in just a few minutes the microwave, they’re delicious if not slightly unhealthy.

You can see our bigger review of Chapparo’s Tamales here – specifically the beef variety. I’d say the beef tamales are ever so slightly better taste wise, the beef being a little richer and more full flavored. Otherwise these are very solid tamales, refer to our other review for full details.

Chapparos Pork Tamales package front
Chapparos Pork Tamales package front

Chapparo’s Pork Tamales – what’s in the packet

Chapparos Pork Tamales whats in the package
Chapparo’s Pork Tamales whats in the package

Chapparo’s Pork Tamales cooking instructions and nutrition

Chapparos Pork Tamales package back
Chapparo’s Pork Tamales package back

What’s a fair price?

So far I’ve only found these at Walmart locations for $6.37. A $1.30 per tamale seems like a perfectly fair price for the quality.

Chapparos Pork Tamales cooked
Chapparo’s Pork Tamales cooked

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