Review: El Mexicano Achiote Paste

I bought this on Amazon (affiliate link) chiefly to make home cooked cochinita pibil, one of my favorite Mexican dishes. The dish – and this signature spice – both hail from the Yucatan region and date back quite literally thousands of years pork shoulder is marinated in citrus plus this achiote paste and slow roasted for hours. The result is marvelously juicy and rich pork that’s perfect for tacos, burritos, enchiladas, or just right from the bowl!

I’ll confess I don’t have a reference point for achiote paste, so can’t say if this is the best available, the most authentic or even a good price. All that said, I was very happy with my purchase, the cohinita pibil turned out perfect! I bought this for a combination of the price and other reviewers similarly positive experience. If you’re in the market for achiote paste, I’d definitely check this out.

El Mexicano Achiote Rojo – what’s in the packet?

Inside the cardboard packaging is a sealed plastic package that contains all the achiote paste. There’s no real guidance on the packet other than “best if refrigerated”. I took that to mean once opened so move the open plastic bag to an airtight container in the fridge once I opened it.

El Mexicano Achiote Rojo inside the packet

El Mexicano Achiote Rojo nutrition and ingredients

El Mexicano Achiote Rojo nutrition and ingredients
El Mexicano Achiote Rojo package front

What Can You Use Achiote Paste For?

As mentioned above, if you’re looking up achiote paste the chances are you’re making cochinita pibil. Check out our simple cochinita pibil recipe.

El Mexicano Achiote Rojo – what’s a fair price?

You easily buy this on Amazon (affiliate link) for under six bucks – and it should see you through at least 2-4 different meals.

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