Alexia Crispy Truffle Fries reviewed

Cooking: The packaging reckons you should bake these fries, it provides no further instruction. Guess what? I air fried them, and it works much better – and faster too. Seven minutes compared to twenty.

Taste and texture: First and foremost let me say up front the truffle flavor is minimal. But you expected that right? To Alexia’s credit the ingredients do list real truffle, not some fake chemistry approximation. It’s a hint of truffle though, not really a full embraced of truffle taste per se, but then again these cost about five bucks, not five hundred. The skinny fries themselves offer a lot of crisp and crunch if that’s why you picked them up; indeed I believe they have little extra coating on the exterior that delivers the packages promise of Crispy very well.

Overall: These thin cut fries from Alexia created a huge rift in our household. One half would tell you they’re the best thing since sliced bread, and demands we always have them in the freezer – me – I am less sold. The extra-crispy texture feels weird to me personally. I can’t fault the taste though, like all of Alexia’s products, I feel they’re worth the price premium.

Alexia Crispy Truffle Fries air fried
Alexia Crispy Truffle Fries air fried
Alexia Crispy Truffle Fries nutrition and cooking
Alexia Crispy Truffle Fries nutrition and cooking
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Are Alexia Crispy Truffle Fries any good?

These are a good, solid skinny fry. They have a very crisp texture as the package promises, just don’t go expecting anything but the merest hints of truffle flavor.

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  1. Alexia ROSEMARY thin cut fries are good. As with all fries, salt is your friend. Spray olive oil, verrrry Lightly over the fries, before baking, and sprinkle with a little salt. Delish.


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