Reuben sandwich

I’m hard pressed to name my favorite anything, let alone sandwich, but this one comes close. Real close. Certainly I can’t imagine anything materially better between two slices of bread. This is a fun sandwich to make and filling enough for lunch or dinner alike. You will need:

  • Jewish rye bread
  • Good quality corned beef
  • Sauerkraut
  • Swiss cheese
  • Russian dressing

Much like a grilled cheese you add your butter to the outside, ingredients on the inside then fry to a crisp exterior. My recommendation is to use corned beef on the exterior layers, dressing and kraut inside, to prevent soggy bread.

On the topic of Russian dressing, it’s essentially a spicier version of Thousand Island with a little horseradish adding kick. I often simply use a blend of mayo, ketchup, hot sauce and dill pickle instead – much easier to secure – and just as tasty.

Reuben sandwich close up
Reuben sandwich close up

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