Nando’s Perinaise sauce

Quick review: Ever on the search for a new sauce in my arsenal, my wife proudly found this one out in the world. To be clear I am a huge for of Nando’s standalone sauces, in particular their hotter varieties. This peri-noise brings together that famous peri peri heat and smoothes things out with rich mayo.

There’s definitely some back of throat heat here, backed by creamy cooling and zesty sharpness. It’s not bad, it’s not amazing. I grabbed some fury bird brain peri peri peri sauce from the fridge and mixed with my favorite brand mayo (Duke’s) and the results were materially better.

Still, if you don’t have any Nando’s sauce, or similar in your own fridge, this will work plenty fine.

Nutrition and ingredients

Nando's Perinaise nutrition
Nando’s Perinaise nutrition
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Is Nando's Perinaise sauce any good?

Good but not great. You’ll get better results mixing your favorite peri-peri sauce with mayo – but this works in a pinch.

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