Simple Truth Homestyle Chicken Tenders

Another product from Kroger’s Simple Truth product line up, one that promises minimal preservatives and the like. These come in a large freezer bag, that thankfully unlike so many others, IS resealable.

Cooking: Bake, microwave, or air fry like me – the latter takes about six minutes at high temp.

Taste and texture: Clean tasting per the Simple Truth branding promise. These tenders were surprising not overtly salty either. The texture is somewhat rubbery and the breading is minimal, quite thin. The flavor is that recognizable chicken tender one – which is to say vaguely onion-garlic, a somewhat neutral palate perfect for your choice of dip or sauce.

Overall: About as middle of the round a chicken tender as you’d hope to find. I did enjoy the cleaner taste, it’s clear there’s less junk here than some competitors. I’d have no problem picking these up again if I wanted to indulge my inner dunker.

Simple Truth Homestyle Chicken Tenders air fried
Simple Truth Homestyle Chicken Tenders air fried
Simple Truth Homestyle Chicken Tenders air fried interior
Simple Truth Homestyle Chicken Tenders air fried interior
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1 thought on “Simple Truth Homestyle Chicken Tenders”

  1. This product was clearly composed of mechanically separated chicken bits. It did not feel like solid meat on the tooth and its taste was distinctly not poultry like. I wish there were adequate labeling regulations so that the shopping public could choose whether to eat moderately processed meat (food) vs. completely engineered side products only distantly related to related to the animal on the label. In addition, there is the carbon footprint of the transport of the product from South America. There should also be regulation around informing consumers of 1)the true composition of the product 2)how much carbon was emitted to bring the product to market in the US. Had I known either of those two, I would not have not purchased this product which I will now pitch into the trash—cause it tasted awful, and I don’t want to feed it to my dog.


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