Great Value Breaded Okra

I’ll keep this one short. There’s not much to report here except to say this is one to skip. While Walmart’s Great Value label can be a great hiding place for many surprise finds, this isn’t one of them.

The okra here is breaded quite heavily. The underlying vegetable is completely lost once cooked. The only taste is the breading which is very bready and bland. The overall flavor is exceptionally bland and even becomes tiring on the palate. Skip. Go make your own from scratch, they’ll be infinitely better.

Great Value Breaded Okra cooked
Great Value Breaded Okra cooked

Great Value Breaded Okra nutrition and cooking

Great Value Breaded Okra nutrition and cooked
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Is Great Value Breaded Okra any good?

Nope, skip this one. An heavy handed breaded completely obscures the okra here, its a dry, bland and boring product.

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