Birds Eye Cauliflower & Ranch Fries

Sometimes choosing a side dish for a meal feels like the toughest challenge of the day. I know I know, it’s a hard life. Sometimes I can’t seem to think beyond, “should I have rice, potatoes or pasta”. That’s why when I see a new product like this, I go starry eyed.

This product from Birds Eye promises an intriguing option – a new type of fry – and possibly a healthier one at that. This ranch fry is a mix of cauliflower and potatoes, with a general ranch seasoning throughout.

There’s roughly enough in the bag for a two or three person serving, so much so we didn’t bother noting if the bag was resealable – we cooked the whole lot up in one go. The fries cook up in the oven (or air fryer if you want to get creative) simply enough.

The final result is a slightly crisp exterior and a very soft, almost mushy interior. Surprisingly I found the flavor more onion forward than anything else, certainly not ranch per se. Indeed, as I munched away, I was reminded more than anything of a processed onion ring.

Overall, not too bad, but nothing exceptional, I’d happily buy them again and for sure they add something a little different on the side to any dish. They’re good as a side to burgers and brats or maybe get a little inventive – loaded fries for example.

Birds Eye Cauliflower & Ranch Fries nutrition and cooking

Birds Eye Cauliflower & Ranch Fries ingredients and nutrition
Birds Eye Cauliflower & Ranch Fries ingredients and nutrition

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