Wulf’s Fish – are they any good?

If you live in a landlocked state like I do, I’m betting you often look on at our coastal cousins with some envy. I’ll be honest, the state of seafood at grocery store counters here in Utah – is quite the bleak experience.

That said, forget everything you’ve heard about frozen seafood being the root of all evil. Here’s a really deep dive story I wrote about frozen seafood – and why those who trot out the well trodden . The story in a nutshell – quality seafood, frozen quickly with modern blast chilling techniques and modern air freight – you can enjoy quality seafood

Which is where Wulf’s Fish (affiliate link, we get a referral fee on sales) enter the tale. The Boston based company are multi-generational seafood specialists that focus on the highest quality seafood, that’s sustainable to boot too. The brand reached out to me to run the rule over the product, and here are the results.

Everything shipped nice and quick, and arrived on the doorstep in this sturdy container. Inside, some dry ice packs topped the seafood above and below. For those worried about the conditions the seafood my experience in transit, Wulf’s include a very cool ‘Tempdot’ product in the box – effectively a small plastic widget that changes color should the interior temperature stray outside the safe zone. You can then call Wulf’s should something not add up. The product itself should arrive frozen, and also comes vac packed:

Two dishes I had to immediately get to grips with – those beautiful day boat scallops and ChalkStream Rainbow Trout burgers. The scallops I washed, dried, then cooked quickly over high heat with a simple blend of butter, olive oil, garlic, lemon and parsley. They were the freshest, sweetest, juiciest scallops I’ve had in a long time. I perhaps overcooked them if I’m truthful, but the flavor was remarkable. My wife, never one to stoke my ego knowing how I am, proclaimed them better than most of the restaurants we frequent.

Meanwhile the ChalkStream rainbow trout burgers just screamed Summer cookout. As we were experiencing some lovely late Spring weather that’s just what we did. A bacon trout burger for me, a trout burger salad for my better half. Both dressed with some home made garlic-basil aioli. Wow.

As I say, Wulf’s Fish sent me these products gratis. That’s something I get a lot of. I only write up those products that I genuinely enjoy and intend to repeat purchase myself. This is one of those. Absolutely pristine seafood, shipped intelligently, and at a great price too. The pictured bounty above including scallops, shrimp, swordfish and trout burgers was $99 shipped. For those living in more rural or central US locations, I guarantee this product will be better than your run of the mill grocery store.

Again, check them out here and if you make a purchase we get a referral fee too.

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