The Cheese Lover Shop – are they any good?

First up, a quick disclosure. I am an affiliate of The Cheese Lover Shop (affiliate link), if you make a purchase from this page I get a small referral fee. They were also kind enough to send me a sample of the product too, so I could tell you all about it.

The central part of the Cheese Lover Shop is their Cheese Club service, a monthly subscription that sees a hand-selected array of cheeses, landed on your doorstep. As with many to-your-door services these days, the cheeses come well packaged, inside a sturdy, insulated box. The box ships quickly in my experience, and is also well appointed with ice packs to keep your cheese at a perfect temp.

The Cheese Lover Shop package
The Cheese Lover Shop package

The monthly club costs $70 per month and you need to subscribe for a three month minimum to get things going; though you should note you can pause your membership, and shipping is included in the price. For that you’ll get a monthly box loaded with upto ten items with cheese being the central focus of the delivery. The Shop also bundle in the odd surprise product and smart accompaniment too.

Beyond the monthly sub service, Cheese Lover Shop also let you purchase products ala carte, which is to say, a little of this, a lot of that. It’s easy to hit the shipping requirements with just a few minutes browsing their shelves.

Additionally they also offer a handsome range of cheese boards that would work perfectly as the centerpiece to a holiday meal or a gift to that cheese lover in your life.

The Cheese Lover Shop plated
The Cheese Lover Shop plated

In the sample of cheeses I received, I can happily report every last one was superb; some led my wife to proclaim, “the best I’ve ever tasted”. No faint praise I can tell you. We tasted the following cheeses:

  • Chavrie Original Goat Cheese – packaged in a cute little pyramid pack this goat cheese was mild and super-smooth right out of the fridge.
  • Rogue Creamery Oregon Blue Cheese Wedge – apparently a signature cheese of this Pacific Northwest cheese maker, it has that bold funk flavor with just a hint of sweet honey
  • Esquirrou P.D.O Ossau-Iraty – no wonder this one tasted as fabulous as it did, being a 2018 World Champion Cheese!
  • Supreme Brie – a creamy, delightful little cheese

As you can see from the pictures, we provided our own fruit, nuts and crackers to round things out. We could have gone a step further with some local deli meats to make a stunning charcuterie board – but we were too eager to just dig in and get tasting.

Overall, I’d have no issues at all recommending The Cheese Lovers Shop (affiliate link). Their selection of cheese is thoughtful and smart. It’s also mercifully modest and well curated, you won’t have to wade through 100s of pages and cheeses, making your decision hard. What’s there is there on purpose. If you don’t have a great cheese monger in your local town or city, or want to send the gift of cheese – look no further!

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