Lay’s Taste Of America review

If you’ve spent a couple of minutes in the chip aisle of late you’ll probably have seen Lay’s new Taste Of American line. Five new products, each celebrating a classic USA restaurant and it’s signature dish. The full lineup is as follows:

  • Kettle Cooked New York Style Pizza inspired by Grimaldi’s in New York City
  • Nashville Hot Chicken inspired by Party Fowl in Nashville
  • Philly Cheesesteak inspired by Geno’s Steaks in Philadelphia
  • Wavy Carnitas Street Taco inspired by El Torito in Los Angeles
  • Chile Relleno inspired by Cocina Azul in Albuquerque

So far we’ve tried…

Lay’s Nashville Hot Chicken

Lay's Nashville Hot Chicken plated
Lay’s Nashville Hot Chicken plated

The Nashville Hot Chicken chips were top of my list to try. It’s been one of the trendy menu items across the country for the past couple of years. The initial taste is reminiscent of a BBQ flavor chip, smokey with a little heat. The heat does grow a little as you work your way through the chips. It never becomes overwhelming mind you, a little more than black pepper but never reaching cayenne heat.

The flavor isn’t particularly chicken like per se, though the ingredients do note chicken fat and cooked chicken powder; vegans this isn’t for you. The overall taste is a little flat and dull, I’d love some more zip and zing ala the acidic bite that hot sauce brings. It’d be a bold chip-eater that claimed these tasted like a hot chicken sandwich. 2.5/5 for us.

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