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Uncommon Green Berkeley pint glasses
Uncommon Green Berkeley pint glasses

Want to be the MVP at your next tailgating get together? Look no further than this vivid range of barware from Boston based Uncommon Green that wears city pride on its sleeve as proudly as you do.

The glassware comes etched with your choice of town or city in vivid colors. In the case of college towns, the glassware also matches the home teams colors. Like we said – you’ll be the star of the tailgating party rocking out these pint glasses filled with a local brew.

Pint glasses are priced $28 for a pair and we can attest first hand to their solid quality. Uncommon Green sent us a couple to run the rule over fill with beer repeatedly. We know, it’s a tough job but someone has to do it!

Uncommon Green Copper Collection
Uncommon Green Copper Collection

As an added bonus, the glasses are also dishwasher friendly and held up fine for us after several runs through the wash, remaining clear and unblemished. If you’re anything like us (see: lazy) – if it’s not easily dish washable – it’s not coming out of the cupboard very often.

The pint glasses are just one product in a larger range of barware that spans a bevy of products including: rocks glasses, wine glasses with and without stems, mason jars, coffee mugs, Moscow mule cups, coasters, carafes and more. Again, each item is etched with eye catching city specific maps that will showcase your tipple of choice in the most stunning fashion.

Uncommon Green Chapel Hill pint glasses
Uncommon Green Chapel Hill pint glasses

Beyond the obvious tailgating gift idea, the barware would be a great gift for more than just the sports fan in your life. Backyard BBQs, themed parties, whiskey tastings, dinner parties, in fact – any get together where the good stuff is flowing – this barware will put your event on the map. Pun fully intended by the way.

Pricing for the glassware at time of writing is as follows:

$14 | Single rocks glass
$15 | Wine glass, with or without stem
$16 | Single pint glass
$28 | Pair of pint glasses
$40 | 29 ounce carafe

For more details visit the Uncommon Green barware shop where you can purchase direct.

Disclosure: This product was provided to us free of charge for review. Our opinion of the product is our own, and not subject to any paid arrangement.

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