The Best Indian Food From Grocery Stores

Chef Bombay Chicken Tikka Masala

Review: Chef Bombay Chicken Tikka Masala

Indian cuisine is one of my favorites, not least when it comes to freezer borne meals. Of all the options in the freezer cabinet, I find Indian cuisine is one that can reheat exceptionally well when executed correctly. As such, when this product appeared in the freezer aisle of my local Walmart recently, an immediate review was required. Traditionally, International flavors are sparse at Walmart, so I was doubly intrigued. The masala sauce here is very good. I'm not sure I'd call it a masala per se, and the consistency is also rather thin - but it's very enjoyable and ...
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Sukhi's Chicken Biryani

Review: Sukhi’s Chicken Biryani

Sukhi's Chicken Biryani Biryani, a dish fit for royalty! At least that's part of the back story of this classic Indian dish; often the centerpiece of a celebratory affair loaded with luxurious ingredients like saffron and warm spices. This frozen entree from Sukhi's hopes to recreate that richly rewarding experience in the comfort of your own home. Sadly, and unusually for a brand name I normally respect, it misses the mark considerably. There's nothing inherently wrong with the flavors or quality of this dish, but it's far removed from any biryani I know - or cook myself. There's literally just ...
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Sukhi's Chickpea Samosas

Review: Sukhi’s Chickpea Samosas

Sukhi's Chickpea Samosas When I see a new Sukhi's product I've not tried before - I immediately grab it. This is one of those ultra-rare brands, where the name is a virtual guarantee of quality. These chickpea samosa are right up there with other products in the Sukhi line up too. Texturally, these samosa reminded me more of a Thai curry puff, than traditional Indian samosa. No bad thing mind you. The exterior pastry is more fluffy puff pastry than crisp. The filling is a gently spiced puree of garbanzos with the odd whole bean intermingling. There's more warmth than ...
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Trader Joe's Channa Masala

Review: Trader Joe’s Channa Masala

Any trip to Trader Joe's isn't complete for me until I've stood around the Indian frozen food section and loaded enough meals into my cart to cause onlookers to give me looks of concern. I don't think there's a product in the lineup I don't love. Every last one packs plenty of spicy punch and flavor. This Channa Masala is no different and works perfectly as a standalone meal or accompanying something else for a mini feast of sorts. Personally, I love the fact that no rice comes with the curry; I kinda hate when frozen Indian meals come with ...
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Review: Trader Joe’s Garlic Naan

Until I finally purchase my own personal tandoor oven - this Trader Joe's product will remain a year around staple of my freezer. On pretty much every point, this is a hands down winner. This is as close to the real deal as you'll get without installing a huge clay oven in your kitchen. In fact it beats pretty much every grocery store "fresh" naan I've tried. It really is quite excellent, let's look at the reasons why... The naan is relatively thin which means it cooks quite quickly and can develop a nice exterior crisp while retaining a soft ...
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Review: Trader Joe’s Lamb Vindaloo

I'd estimate at least 10% of me is curry at any given time. In fact that's probably an underestimation. Lets just say, I'm a curry fan. Dopiaza to Dhansak, Korma to Keema - I'm there, and I want it all. Couple my love of Indian cuisine's rich flavors with Trader Joe's quality products - surely a match made in heaven? The initial aroma and flavor from the dish is one of earthy richness: clove and garlic and coriander. It's a rather encouraging smell as the dish slowly rotates to temp on the microwave platter. The final finished flavor isn't quite ...
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Review: Tandoor Chef Tandoori Chicken Samosa

Tandoor Chef Tandoori Chicken Samosa I find that Tandoor Chef are one of the more reliable pre-made Indian food products around. I'd go as far as saying they even best some sit down full service restaurants I've visited over the years. They typically don't skimp on the heat or flavor, nor do they use substandard ingredients. My only general negative is I find the products hard to locate in my own town. These chicken samosa continue in the fashion of the great Tandoor Chef products; indeed they also provide their own little twist on the classic Indian snack, which really ...
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Sukhi's Chicken Curry 2019

Review: Sukhi’s Chicken Curry

Sukhi's Chicken Curry This product combines two things that I love dearly: Indian food and convenience. That last part is of course critical with any frozen meal. Any sensible shopper knows that a frozen dinner is never going to beat the real thing - whether that's home cooked or from a specialized restaurant. I love to cook my own Indian food at home from scratch but its certainly a cuisine that requires time, love and care; as such I'm never against having a couple of frozen instant meals ready to go when I'm in a time pinch. I recently decided ...
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Sukhis Chicken Vindaloo Street Wrap inside packet

Review: Sukhi’s Vindaloo Chicken Street Wrap

Sukhis Chicken Vindaloo Street Wrap front This vindaloo style is one of a variety of wraps from Indian food producer Sukhi's - and in a word is great. I'm a huge lover of Indian food and these wraps don't hold back on the flavor or spice level. If you're not a love of spicy food you might want to skip these, they definitely pack a little heat. Inside the wraps - which are wheat roti bread - you'll find a filling of rice and peas with very good quality chicken; which is a pleasant change of pace, too often frozen ...
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