The best and worst frozen fish you can buy

Best fish sticks in the freezer section

Trident The Ultimate Fish Stick on a bun

Trident’s Ultimate Fish Stick are the classic fish stick you remember from your youth. A great batter, flaky white interior, and sustainable Alaskan wild pollock makes this is a smart buy. Read our full review here.

Best battered fish

Neptune Pub Style Halibut air fried with lemon

Neptune’s Pub Style Halibut is beautiful, especially when air fried crisp and served with with a blast of fresh lemon. Available from Costco for $20, these are great for replicating your favorite pub grub – fish and chips – right at home. An honorable mention should go to the Pacific brand as well.

Best battered shrimp

SeaPak Tempura Shrimp tacos

SeaPak’s Tempura Shrimp can be used in a myriad of ways. Our favorite is as the centerpiece of a fun taco treat replete with lots of creamy guacamole to offset the shrimps thick and crunchy tempura batter. Read our review.

Best fish burger

Air fried Kroger Salmon Burger

Kroger’s own brand Salmon burgers are the best frozen fish burger we’ve tried. They offer a fun change of pace from a regular beef or chicken patty and afford a range of different toppings. Try cucumber and basil aioli for a match made in heaven! Check out our review here.

Best gourmet seafood online

If you want to buy the very best money can buy – look no further than Alaskan seafood. Seafood from The Last Frontier is sustainable and wild caught by state law and is impeccable in quality.

Our pick for shopping online is Catch Sitka (affiliate link, we get a referral fee). All Catch Sitka’s seafood is caught wild using hook-and-line sustainable fishing practices, immediately iced, processed dock-side by artisans, blast frozen to lock in flavor and sent straight to you. Only 4 steps from sea to your door.  Scallops to halibut to salmon – just defrost in the fridge overnight – seafood heaven.

Use code STUART15 and get $15 off orders over $125 for first time customers – we get a referral fee too!

Best frozen fish fillet

Sam's Choice Wild Caught Alaskan Halibut

Given Alaska’s state policy on sustainable and wild only fishing practices – it’s hard to go wrong with any product from the state. These frozen halibut fillets from Walmart and Sam’s Choice are exemplary and a great price. See our review here.

And those to avoid…

Gorton's Natural Catch Fish Fillets
Gorton’s Natural Catch Fish Fillets

Here’s why we think you should skip these – our review.

Van de Kamp's Crispy Fish Fillets
Van de Kamp’s Crispy Fish Fillets

Here’s why we think you should avoid these – our review.