Wildtype to launch cell-based salmon

If you’re a long time reader of the site you’ll know we write a lot about plant based products, but cell-based? Wow, we’ve never come across this one before. The following press release from wildtype, really grabbed our attention.

While not yet a product on grocery stores shelves this is surely one to watch for the future. Wildtype are apparently a “cellular agriculture startup” and their latest product is aimed at restaurants, a sushi grade salmon product that is “made with genuine coho salmon cells, grown in a brewery-like system.”

Consider our minds blown at this point quite frankly. With seafood stocks in decline around the world, this has to be a huge leap forward in both ensuring food sustainability and ecology.

In the press release Aryé Elfenbein, MD, Ph.D., Wildtype’s Chief Scientist. “Although farmed salmon now comprises two-thirds of the salmon we consume, wild fish stocks are still declining. We believe the 21st century will require new seafood options that are better for us and the planet. “

Image credit, Wildtype.

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