New exotic vegan snacks hitting Target

A lot of food news hits my desk each week, but this particular product launch from Woodridge Snacks had me paying attention – it looks absolutely delicious and unique.

Taking their inspiration from global cuisines I love to bits, this new line of snacks is vegan and gluten-free. The new line of Woodridge Snacks that are available at Target include: 

  • Mochi Rice Nuggets (GF) – Sweet sticky rice baked to a crisp in teriyaki flavor.
  • Sticky Rice Chips (GF) – Whole grain rice popped crisp and perfectly seasoned in Sriracha flavors.

Customers can find additional varieties of Woodridge Snacks online including:

  • Tempura Seaweed Chips – Dipped in light batter, then gently tempura fried to a crisp, and available in Sea Salt, Sriracha and Hickory BBQ.
  • Ginger Chews (GF) – Sesame Seed and Chia Seed enrobe the tanginess of freshly cut ginger.
  • Fruit Filled Crisps– Handmade treats of tamarind or passionfruit jam sandwiched between mild young banana chips.

The press release states, “Inspired by the globalization of regional cuisines, the ingredients in Woodridge Snacks are sustainably sourced from farms in Asia, South America and the heartland of the United States. Woodridge Snacks are available at natural grocery stores, select Target and Rite Aid stores across the United States, or at with free shipping.”

If you try these, let me know how you liked them in the comments below!

Image credit, Woodbridge Snacks.

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