New Beyond Burgers coming in 2021

For fans of the iconic Beyond Meat, great news for 2021. The brand has just announced plans for two all new formulations set to hit stores next year.

In a similar vein to how regular ground beef comes in a variety of meat/fat ratios, the meat free brand aim to replicate this with their own product. Beyond writes:

One of the new Beyond Burgers features our juiciest patty for the meatiest burger experience, with strong nutritional wins like 35% less saturated fat than 80/20 beef. The other is our most nutritious patty yet with 55% less saturated fat than 80/20 beef. Both burgers will have a similar savory taste profile, lower total fat and fewer calories than 80/20 beef and B vitamins and minerals comparable to the micronutrient profile of beef. 

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