Making a Difference With Diestel’s Pasture-Raised Turkeys

Diestel’s Pasture-Raised Turkeys (Diestel)
Diestel’s Pasture-Raised Turkeys (Diestel)

Choosing a Thanksgiving turkey is so much more than picking the prized protein for your holiday meal. That turkey can represent change and choices that will impact generations to come. Raised entirely on irrigated pastures by a family of turkey farmers, Diestel’s Pasture-Raised Turkeys are a perfect example of how sustainable farming efforts can conserve and enhance our natural resources.

 The first turkeys to obtain the highest GAP rating of 5, these vibrantly healthy birds roam free on Diestel’s home ranch in the beautiful Sierra Nevada Foothills. Slow grown and raised on foraged feed and 100% vegetarian grains milled daily. Diestel’s Pasture-Raised Turkeys are continuously rotated with chickens, goats, sheep and hogs. This traditional style of polyculture farming ensures that the soil’s nutrients are replenished by raising diverse species on the land. Diestel also uses filtered and reclaimed water, along with its own structured compost to support the health of the pastures that help these turkeys thrive. By improving soil fertility, their composting program also removes the need for artificial fertilizers and chemicals and reduces water usage and waste in landfills. 

 Said Heidi Diestel, turkey farmer, “At Diestel, we live by the mantra that “Nature always has the last word.” Our values have held strong through four generations because they are rooted in the fundamental connection to and respect we have for the animals and the land. We are proud to be leading by example with our Pasture-Raised Turkeys and remain committed to preserving our environment through regenerative agriculture practices.”

 Diestel’s Pasture-Raised Turkeys, which range from 10-20lb, are available at select retailers nationwide and sold online at The bird’s pure (unaltered), clean turkey flavor and tender, juicy texture is a direct result of Diestel’s thoughtful farming methods and quality craftsmanship. Ice-chilled to maintain wholesomeness and reduce moisture absorption, no salt solutions are ever added and the product is completely free of gluten, casein, carrageenan, phosphates, MSG, artificial ingredients and preservatives. In addition, the Pasture-Raised Turkeys are Non-GMO Project Verified and raised completely free of antibiotics with a close eye kept on their health. 

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