Hormel debuts chili formulated for hot dogs

We haven’t met anyone who doesn’t love a chili dog – what’s not to love? A smoky grilled dog topped with sweet, spicy, meaty chili. It’s the stuff of Summer. This week Hormel dropped a completely new product to make the chili dog even simpler! No longer do you have to slave over a pan for hours.

Hormel’s two new products offer chili specifically designed and developed for topping your Summer hot dog. Each of the two new varieties have a thicker consistency which the brand writes will, “allow the chili to stay on the hot dog better than traditional, no bean chili, were modeled after popular chili dog toppings.”

Hormel® Chili Cheese Chili is a no bean chili combined with American cheese while Hormel®Coney Island Chili is a no bean chili combined with mustard and onions.

Expect to see the cans on shelves nationwide with a recommended retail point of $2.09-$2.79.

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