DIGIORNO Debuts New Croissant Crust Pizza

A trio of new pizza products from DIGIORNO look set to take frozen pizza to the next level. Landing on shelves as we type, this new range of Croissant Crust Pizza – the first of it’s kind as far as we know in the United States.

The new product line features three flavors at launch:

  • Pepperoni
  • Four Cheese
  • Three Meat

Of this new mashup DIGORNO promises customers will experience, “a soft, flaky and light crunch for a familiar yet surprising take on a classic DIGIORNO pizza. Pizza fans can feast their eyes as the delicate layers of croissant rise and separate, creating an airy, textured and delicate crust with a golden-brown hue.” All are topped with 100% real cheese and the MSRP for the range is $6.49-$7.40, though there might be some variation deepening on your market.

The new Croissant Crust Pizza are available via Target, Food Lion, Hannaford, Hy-Vee, Publix and more, with expansion to other retailers in the coming months. AFor more information and to find a retailer near you, visit DiGiorno.com.

The press release for the new launch quotes Megan Smargiasso, DIGIORNO Brand Manager at Nestlé. Smargiasso writes, “We’re excited about adding DIGIORNO Croissant Crust Pizza to the list of unexpected food trends, especially as people spend more time eating at home right now and want true comfort food.”

Image credit, DIGORNO

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