Beyond Meat launches new Beyond Beef product

Beyond Beef (Beyond Meat)
Beyond Beef (Beyond Meat)

Announced today is an intriguing new product from Beyond Meat – their meat free answer to ground beef – Beyond Beef. The new vegan friendly product looks likely to be a complete drop in replacement for ground beef, imitating the texture and consistency to a tee – just like other products in the Beyond Meat line up. Check out this promo shot from Beyond Meat:

Just like real ground beef (Beyond Meat).jpg

The press release today confirms the product will have less than 25% saturated fat that beef, clocking in at 6g per serving. Much like other products in their range, its still pretty fatty all said.

On the flip side, it’s definitely improved over meat based beef, and has more protein per equivalent serving at 20g per 4 ounces. There’s also no soy, gluten and GMO product.

At this time, there’s no word on exact availability or pricing, the brand is asking for consumers to join their mailing list for more info as it comes.

Based on the launch of their past products such as the Beyond Sausage I’d expect initial availability to be limited. When the sausage product launched Whole Foods locations reported selling out of stock within hours of receiving deliveries on a same day basis.

Likewise, I’d expect pricing to be pretty steep out of the date. My local Whole Foods still sells the Beyond Sausage at an eye watering $8.99 for four links. The Beyond Burger has now come down in price though, so given time and production availability I’m sure the same will be true of the Beyond Beef.

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