Alpha Foods launch direct to customer option

I was excited to read this recent news, after all Alpha makes one of our favorite plant-based products out there bar none. For our money they make the best meat free chicken burger out there, and their nuggets are solid too.

The only issue is the product can be hard to get a hold of in stores, at least in my experience and area; news of their new direct to your door shipping service certainly caught my attention. The service should be here any day and comes with some freebies too. The brand writes:

In conjunction with the brand’s e-commerce debut on National Nugget Day, Alpha Foods will be giving fans their first month FREE (just pay shipping), while quantities last with a subscription to the brand’s e-commerce platform. Upon newsletter sign up, Alpha fans will receive a discount code and gain access to exclusive swag, rewards and A/R filters, which will allow them to “Nugget-ify” themselves on Instagram.

Alpha products delivered to your door include Alpha Nuggets, All-Day Burritos, Crumbles, and more. These will also come in a variety of pre-assembled packages as follows:

  • “Chik’n Combo”: For chik’n lovers, an assortment of 4 Nugget Pouches and 4 Packages of Crispy Chik’n Patties 
  • “Dinner Bundle”: For easy weeknight dinners, a collection of 2 Packages of Beefy Crumble, 2 Nugget Pouches, 2 Chik’n Patties, 2 Packages of Chik’n Strips 
  • “Burrito Bundle”: For burrito lovers, a mix of 3 Chik’n Fajita, 3 Breakfast Original, 3 Pizza, 3 Steakless Ranchero
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