If you’re like us, you’re forever looking at that product on the shelf at your grocery store shelf. Each trip you ponder a little more: is it any good?

Shop Smart Guide is a detailed exploration of your grocery store aisle by aisle, product by product. The very best items are awarded our Smart Buy award – these are items you won’t want to miss.

All the products that receive our Smart Buy award are products we love. Advertisers can’t buy that award for any amount of money. O.k. well maybe for $1 million 😉 Side note: no one has yet.

And it’s not just offline shopping – these days we all do so much online shopping – and a lot of valuable info can be lost compared to being able to pick up the product in person. How big is the box, what’s on the packet, how can it be cooked, what are the ingredients?

When covering products we try to run down as much as we can about each product from detailed scans of the packaging to what’s inside the box.

And more…

Along the way we’ll round up some of our finds via suitable guides, showcase great recipes for the best products we find and highlight any gifts for that special someone in our life too.

Work with us

If you work with a brand or specific product and would like to work with us and have your product professionally reviewed and rated, you can drop our chief writer Stuart a line here: stuart@shopsmart.guide or call on ‪(385) 429-0650.

If you think you have a great product that you’d like to share with our readers, we’d be happy to talk to you. Some brands we’ve previously worked with include Bovine And Swine, Smart Sweets, YellowBird Foods, Key Smart, Uncommon Green, Three Bridges, Gringo Bandito, Dining Elevated.


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